BNY Mellon report reveals increasing importance of evaluating IR performance

March 27, 2016


Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) published its new Global Trends in Investor Relations 2015 report in March 2016. As the report reveals, companies have placed increasing importance of both qualitative and quantitative metrics in evaluating overall IR performance during the past five years. In 2015, 59% of companies tied IR professionals’ remuneration to some measure of IR activities. At the same time, improved disclosure quality ranks third among the top goals for IR programs as rated by the 550 participating companies.

TonalityTech has developed a tool to analyze and optimize capital market communication which supports companies to live up to both of these priorities in investor relations. First, the TonalityTech tool enables to measure the tonality and readability in capital market disclosures. Hence, it can assist as an objective measure of the IR performance. Second, the TonalityTech tool allows to optimize the tonality and readability in capital market disclosures. Thus, the tool assures a high and consistent quality of disclosures.

About the Global Trends in Investor Relations 2015 report
The 10th edition of the BNY Mellon IR trend report represents the longest running and most comprehensive analysis of the investor relations function according to BNY Mellon. Overall, 550 companies from 54 countries participated in the survey.

About TonalityTech
TonalityTech is a technology-provider dedicated to enable evidence-based corporate and capital market communications through big data driven analytics. Using big data algorithms, TonalityTech launched the first tool to combine analytics and decision-support to enable evidence-based communication. With the seamless integration of the TonalityTech tool into the writing process and visualization of potential improvements for tonality and readability, the tool works as a valuable quality compliance check, which our clients such as UK-based AstraZeneca and Germany-based Infineon highly appreciate.

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