Steer tonality to ensure the positive perception of your company by investors


Capital market disclosures

When reading investor updates, investors must decide between three options: Sell, Keep or Buy. Our CMD (capital markets disclosures) add-in for Microsoft Word supports you in writing capital market communications. Our add-in highlights words that are perceived positively or negatively by investors and provides suggestions for better alternatives (learn more about our Technology). In addition, our add-in also helps you to simplify the readability of capital markets disclosures.

  • Suitable for any type of capital market disclosures
  • Dynamic database to assure our Dynamic Tonality Dictionaries accurately reflect investor perception of language reactions
  • Maximum user relevance through field trials with 20+ capital market communication practitioners
  • Scientifically proven approach – spin-Off of the Finance Research Group at the University of Freiburg (Germany)
  • Tonality and readability assessment on document and sentence level

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Corporate and marketing communications

Corporate communications interact with a multitude of stakeholders, such as customers, media, employees and governments. Such a multi-stakeholder environment requires a stringent communication strategy. Our CMC (Corporate and marketing communications) add-in for Microsoft Word enables communications professionals to produce easy-to-read written communication that at the same time conveys the desired tonality.

  • Suitable for internal and external communications. For capital markets communications, see our capital market disclosures solutions
  • Tonality assessment based on the recognized psychological dictionary
  • Readability assessment on document and sentence level to streamline your communication

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Customized services

Become a best-in-class communicator with our unique experience in tonality and sentiment analysis. We offer tailored solutions based on your needs.

  • Application cases include customized communication analysis for capital market events, such as IPOs or M&A activities
  • Customized analyses of the capital market perception of a company’s financial disclosures
  • Extensive knowledge from more than 5 years of scientific research resulting in numerous publications on sentiment analysis
  • Deep project management experience of our team in management consulting and investment banking

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